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Well hello there and welcome to a new world where you are going to change your life forever by learning how to drive and going on to get your driving licence. You know once you have that full licence in your hand its much more than just a driving licence, its a key to so many new opportunities, from a better paid job to meeting new friends, you will love driving.

Driving Lessons Bridgwater

How To Get A Great Driving School
It does not matter if you are a learner driver or the parent of a learner, finding the right driving school is hard because you do not know where to start, how can you determine which driving school in Bridgwater is right for you? So what we have done is created a few interesting points about learning to drive.

1. Did you know that not driving instructors in Bridgwater are actually fully qualified! This is especially relevant in the larger driving schools where they often use trainee driving instructors. There is nothing illegal about this but it always good for you to ask.

2. All driving instructors receive a grade; you have either A, B or a flat fail. About 25% of all driving instructors in Bridgwater are a grade A. But that doesn't mean they are the best. You need to ask when the grade was awarded and what additional training have they taken to maintain and improve their skills, that is perhaps even just as relevant if not more important.

3. Some people giving driving lessons in Bridgwater need to work 50 or 60 hours a week to make ends meet and the more hours a driving instructor teaches the more tired they become and this can effect the quality of the driving lesson. If a driving school is offering lessons at £20 an hour or less, even as a special offer just proceed with a little caution. It costs a driving instructor around £13 an hour to run a driving school business, so with a £7 an hour profit margin they need to work more hours.

Driving Schools Bridgwater

How To Save Over £500
Lots of learner drivers will be looking for cheap driving lessons in Bridgwater especially when they cant tell the difference between one school and another. There are some cheap deals to be had and you can save £50 or so but if you want to understand how to save well over £500, read this...

First of all you need to be aware the DVSA state that the average driver needs 47 hours of professional tuition and that is topped up with 20 hours of private practice.
Please pay special attention to the word "average" as this includes people who can't afford to drive, those that miss lessons and those that take one hour a week.

We are going to show you how one hour a week is going to cost you a fortune.
So in a few moments you take a one hour driving lesson and in 7 days time you do the same, but what can you remember next week from this weeks lesson? Not a lot. Usually you will spend 15 minutes going over what you did, now if you have 47 hours which is the average you are having around 12 hours too many.

What you need to do is take at least a two hour lesson and if possible do that twice a week. You will forget less and save much more. We reckon thats a £300 saving.

Now if you are taking driving lessons as we recommend you will not need to insurance a private car. Insurance for a learner driver could be around £25 per week, plus £5 fuel and do that over 3 months you have racked up £360, we can help you save that.

So with taking sensible driving lessons you can save well over £500 and if you pass your driving test first time you can save in the region of another £300 bringing the total amount to around £1000 saved. Thats all by choosing to drive in a correct way.

Driving Instructors Bridgwater

Passing First Time

To have the ability and opportunity to pass your driving test first time you need to know what is expected of you and you need to be able to monitor your own performance. Wile you may think that is what the driving instructor is there for, it is also key in being a safe driver and being able to keep yourself safe once passed.

Before The Test
You have to have passed your driving syllabus, this is sometimes known as a pupil report card and in every section you need to have proven you are independent in that skill. That means you can do the activity without any support.
Then you will have had to have passed a mock driving test and very importantly for your confidence to be driving without the need of your driving instructor in the lessons in the run up to your test.

On Your Driving Test
The driving examiner is a government official and they are trained to spot mistakes, some have been driving instructors but many have not. They will go into the test with a sheet to make an account of all the faults you make, both minor and serious. They are highly trained and looking to see if you are a safe driver, this is what they want to see from you.

They want to know you are sticking to the Highway Code, in control of the car at all times, acting like a safe driver would want to and to have the the ability to spot hazards and avoid them.

This is all you need to know to pass your driving test and from your first driving lesson we will teach you all of this on every single lesson so you can become a natural driver with the ability to shine on your driving test, walking away with your licence.

driving lessons bridgwater
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